Sunday, September 10, 2006

Star Wars

From "The Easter Hamster's Half Holiday," February 1987

sailing ships in battle Today's Star Wars lovely is The War of Jenkins' Ear, a juicy bit of Mediterranean naughtiness and no mistake! Bet you'd like a nibble of that, eh, lads?

Letters to the Editor

From "The Easter Hamster's Half Holiday," February 1987

Text in different fonts and sizes -- Dear Sir, We have cut up your newspaper

I dreamt I went to the Policeman's Ball thanks to "Socko" the magic duck whitener

From "The Thighpad's Last Twinklings," October 1986

Sergeant Gussetmonger is wearing a traditonal serge jacket in midnight blue, neatly complementing a full-length skirt in cornflower blue organza with indigo trimmings. He tells me that the sequins were all sewn on by hand by P.C. Nobby Bent of the Vice Squad

Sergeant Peaseblossom Gussetmonger writes:

"I used to be the station wallflower and all the other chaps used to rag me for my shyness. But now my confidence has blossomed and I have the schoolgirl complexion that's oh so essential in the Obscene Publications Squad. And it is all thanks to "Socko" the magic duck whitener."